Meet The Photographers

Hi, guys!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  We are Amanda Fahrholz and Kendra DuPont, and we are the team that makes up Simply Savvy Photography! We have been working together since 2013 and it has been such an adventure.  Our cameras have taken us all over the United States to capture all of life's most special moments for our clients.  We would love to visit you in the Evansville area, or anywhere the road will take us!  We can't wait to meet you and your families, and tell your story for you!


How we became partners...

In 2012, Amanda quit her job and took a chance on starting a little photography business, with absolutely no expectations for where it would go.  Just three months in, she met Kendra, who had also been trying to get her own photography business going.  Amanda invited Kendra to be her second shooter on a couple of weddings that summer, and like the kismet ways of the world, it felt like it was meant for them to always work together.  In 2013, Amanda and Kendra closed up their solo businesses, and the partnership that is Simply Savvy Photography was born.  Sometimes they're like sisters, and sometimes like mother and daughter, but they compliment each other in photography in a beautifully magical way.  Amanda is the loud one, while Kendra is the quiet one.  Amanda loves to photograph the moment, while Kendra focuses on the details. They are like peanut butter and jelly as a photography team!  


Amanda | Age 30 (ish)

  • Mom of Noah (14) and Sophie (10)

  • Hugger, loves everyone, cries at everyone's wedding

  • Loves classic rock, new wave and jazz music more than life; always attending concerts

  • Shade-tree comedienne and psychologist

  • Documentary film lover

  • Avid wanderluster

  • Born and raised in Henderson

  • Photographer since 2005

  • Loud, people person


Kendra | 28

  • Fur mom to the best pitbulls ever, Casey Mae and Phoebe Rae

  • Crossfit fanatic

  • Was probably a Private Investigator in another life

  • Always traveling for concerts and festivals (if it’s Hozier, I’m there)

  • Probably always wearing black distressed denim and a white v-neck

  • Born and raised in Evansville

  • Gypsy heart and soul

  • Photographer since 2007

  • Quiet, details person