Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Sessions

Trust us when we say that most of the ladies that contact us about boudoir sessions have lots of questions! Allow us to put your fears at ease by answering some of the most asked questions for you!


How do I schedule my session?

Easy!  Just shoot us an email at, or give us a call at 812-604-3811!  We would love to invite you into the studio to chat about everything!  We prefer to meet with our clients for a pre-shoot consultation, so we can create a more personal experience for you! It helps us get to know each other before the session, so that you will feel more comfortable and relaxed on the day of your session! 

I'm worried about cellulite, stretch marks, acne, etc.  Will you be able to see that?

Every session includes head to toe retouching!  We can’t take off 15 pounds, but we can pose your body in a way that flatters your figure, however!  You are beautiful just as you are! <3

Will you post my photos to your website or social media accounts? 

The photos that you see on our website and Facebook page are from ladies that were comfortable with having their images shared, and gave us permission to do so.  The default answer is always NO–we won’t put your photos out there for all to see, unless you give us the okay to do so.


I'm older than/not as thin as the ladies posted on your website.  Is boudoir right for me? 

Absolutely!  We love working with women of all ages, shapes, and sizes!  Boudoir sessions are about celebrating who YOU are, and how down right beautiful YOU are!

Where do the sessions take place? 

In our beautiful, all natural light, 1860's studio!  We can also do the session in your home, or outdoors, in a secluded area in the summertime. 

Who will be present during the session?

Just us!  

Can I bring my significant other/spouse with me?

We prefer that you do not bring your partner with you to this session.  It will make it very difficult to relax, and you will have much better results without them there.  Feel free to bring a girlfriend with you, if you would like!  Sometimes this helps put our clients at ease, and makes for a fun girls day!

Do you have hair and makeup services available?  What's that like?

YES!  Both of us are trained, freelance makeup artists!  Our makeup services include lashes, and we apply everything very naturally.  Professional makeup makes such a huge difference in your photos, and we highly suggest this service, although it is not required.  We also include basic hair styling, which typically consists of loose, sexy curls and looks great on everyone! 

How long does the session take?

You can typically plan on being at the studio anywhere from 3-4 hours, in most cases.  The hair and makeup process takes approximately one hour, and the shoot itself can last anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours. Once the session is finished, we break for about an hour to hour and a half, while I edit your images. This is a great time to go grab a quick lunch, run an errand, or just chill out in our studio! Once your edit is finished, we will view your images, select your package, and design your products together!

Do you provide wardrobe?

We are not currently providing wardrobe for our boudoir sessions, but are hoping to establish a closet of such things in the near future!  We will be sure and update this post as soon as we have gotten something going with that!

What types of outfits to do you suggest?

We always suggest going on to Pinterest and searching for “Boudoir photos,” and just taking a look at what types of things are being used.  There are a lot of typical ideas, as well as outside the box ideas!  You may be surprised that you have a lot of things that would work already in your closet!  Some things that we suggest are:

  • Bra and panty sets

  • Bodysuits

  • Nighty or teddy

  • Feminine robes

  • His favorite shirt

  • Sports jersey

  • Flannel or button up shirts

  • Any kind of retro lingerie, like high waisted panties

  • Something that makes you feel beautiful–this could be a dress or ball gown, or a pair of jeans

  • Leather jacket or a denim jacket

  • Oversized sweaters

  • Your man’s uniform shirt, if he’s a police officer, firefighter, etc.

Don’t forget accessories, too!  Some suggestions are:

  • Jewelry (long necklaces and pearls are great)

  • Shoes- heels, boots, Converse–whatever fits your style

  • Any kind of special props that you would like to use

  • Hats

  • Hosiery

  • Knee socks

  • Garters


What about nudes or implied nudes?

We will gladly photograph nudes, if you would like to include them.  We do try to keep those as tasteful as possible, however.  

I want to do this session for my wedding/anniversary gift, etc.  How far in advance should I book the session, to make sure I have everything back in time?

We usually suggest scheduling your session at least 2-3 months before the event that you need it for.  We can’t rush perfection!!  I like for us to have plenty of time to do the session, finalize any retouching, and design and order albums, so you can have them back with time to spare, and no worries!!

Do you offer payment plans?

We absolutely do!  We can split payment up however you would like!  The total collection amount is due before we can schedule your session, however.  

Do you offer refunds if I get nervous and change my mind? 

There is a lot of prep work that goes into your session before you even come to see us.  We are also turning away other clients for that date, once it is reserved for someone else.  For this reason, all sales are final. Due to the custom nature of our work, all sales for prints, albums, and other products are also final.